We support organizations with the implementation, customization and integration of engineering data/document management, content management and collaboration systems, especially when such systems are deployed on medium to large scale CAPEX projects.

Unique Perspective

Our team have worked for and alongside software vendors, plant owner/operators and engineering, procurement and construction contractors, giving us a unique perspective on software implementation and data management in these areas.

Our Experience

Stratopa Software Solutions have extensive experience with software solution design, development, implementation and business consultation, including solid industry experience implementing engineering data management and enterprise document management systems.

Technical Knowledge

We have both the industry knowledge and technical expertise to offer bespoke software development to implement, customize, integrate and build solutions to meet your specific requirements.


We provide services and solutions that enable our customers to connect, integrate and customize their document management, content management and collaboration systems.


We offer a variety of services designed to help our customers quickly adopt and implement information management solutions.


Our solutions are designed for simple and efficient connectivity, integration and document/data transfer for leading enterprise information management systems.

HxGN SPF / SDx Implementation

HxGN SPF / SDx Specialists

We are specialists in the implementation and customization of Hexagon's SmartPlant Foundation and SDx applications, the world's most proven, industry-standard engineering information management solutions in the process, power, and offshore industries.

Industry Experience

Our team have successfully developed and implemented many advanced custom features for SmartPlant Foundation used on large scale, global projects for both Owner Operators and Enginering, Procurement and Constructions contractors.


OUR SPECAILITY! Our team's origins are from Hexagon's core SmartPlant Foundation product development team, and we have gained extensive experience in the customization of SmartPlant Foundation and SDx on some of the worlds largest engineering and construction projects.

SmartPlant Enterprise Integration

Our team are experienced with the integration Of SmartPlant Enterprise engineering design tools with SmartPlant Foundation. We cover schema modelling and mapping, publish and retrieve, publish and compare, the shared object model and the consolidated data warehouse (CDW) concepts.

Complete Coverage

Whether its administration, schema design/modelling, configuration, customization, integration, upgrades, data transfer, training or project management, we have the skills and experience to assist With your SmartPlant Foundation or SDx implementation.

On-Premise Or in the Cloud

We can support SmartPlant Foundation or SDx implementations in both on-premise or SmartPlant Cloud environments.

Engineering Data Handover


We have developed processes and tools to provide the following engineering data handover services:-

  • Bespoke data delivery conformance and consistency auditing against your organization's data handover specifications (Data Model, Reference Data Library, Tag Numbering, etc). Whether data auditing is required at typical 30%, 60% or 90% engineering milestones, or more frequently during project execution and data handover, we have you covered. We also provide tools for self data delivery conformance and consistency auditing.
  • GAP analysis of your organization's data handover specifications with industry standards such as CFIHOS.
  • Preparation of data handover specifications and templates.


Capital Facilities Information Handover Specification (CFIHOS) is an emerging and increasingly popular standard used for information handover consistency. Aimed at operators, contractors and equipment manufacturers and suppliers, the CFIHOS specification can be used for information handover when commissioning, operating, maintaining or decommissioning any process industry capital facility.

CFIHOS consists of a Technical Specification, Data Model, Implementation Guidance, Reference Data Library, and Implementaion Software Requirements, and supports a data-centric approach to handover by identifying what data is required and how it should be structured, described, transferred and implemented.

Click here to find out more about CFIHOS.

CFIHOS and stratopa

Stratopa is a CFIHOS member and we are working alongside other software vendors and consultants to define compliance standards for the specification.

When implemented, CFIHOS can significantly reduce costs for specifying, authoring, audting, transferring and consuming data that operators require. We offer engineering data handover sevices that can assist your organization with CFIHOS education, implementation and data conformancy checking against the specification.

Integration Made Simple

Aconex Integration

Aconex is the most widely-used online collaboration / project-controls platform in engineering and construction.

We are experts in the use of the Aconex Web Services API . Whether it is consultancy or integration services we can help you get more from your Aconex investment.

.Net Interface

Our Interactz AX interface provides an extremely easy to use wrapper to the Aconex Web Service APIs, and enables our customers to seamlessly integrate their systems With Aconex.

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.Net Library to Aconex API

Interactz AX is a .NET library providing simple connectivity to the Aconex REST API, designed to streamline the integration of Aconex with other systems and processes for the construction and engineering industries. It provides additional functionality and flexibility, enabling users to customize and extend the capabilities of Aconex to better meet their specific needs.

Features and Benefits

  • Access and transfer information to and from your Aconex Document and Mail registers.
  • Get latest status information for Aconex Workflows and Tasks.
  • Create and manage Packages and Project Fields.
  • Get information on Aconex Projecs and Users.
  • Create and Manage Roles and User Role assignments.
  • Interoperate with Aconex with minimum effort with just a few lines of code.
  • Integrate Aconex with other business applications such as Microsoft SharePoint.
  • Significantly reduce integration development timescales.
  • Forget about the complexities and upgrades to the Aconex API.
  • Maximize collaboration by extending the functionality of Aconex.
  • Securely manage and integrate the information lifecycle on-premise and in the cloud.


To meet the diverse needs of our customers, we offer three different licensing options...

With our 6-monthly license, you can enjoy the full benefits of Interactz AX for a shorter period of time and at a lower cost.

Our 12-monthly license, offers the best value for your investment and provides you with the flexibility to make the most of Interactz AX for an entire year.

And for those who want to try Interactz AX before committing to a license, our FREE 14-DAY TRIAL license offers a risk-free opportunity to experience its capabilities and benefits.

No matter what your needs are, Interactz AX provides a licensing option that fits your budget and your business, with the added assurance of ongoing support and software updates.

To find out more or purchase an Interactz AX license, please email sales@stratopa.com or click here to navigate to our Contact form.

If you would like to request a FREE 14-DAY TRIAL license, then please provide your email address below, an click on the request button.

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